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Wondrous Spring weather

2008-05-02 15:44:34 by X-Naut

Spring has just given three feet of snow. Getting the door open alone became a tedious task.

Oh, and a picture for you fools.

Also, for those wondering, you see that lump of snow on the right? My car.

Wondrous Spring weather


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2008-05-02 17:24:03

Lucky bastard, it's thunder storms all week here.

X-Naut responds:

Lucky? Sure, school becomes closed and I don't have to work today, if you want to go somewhere, good luck trying to get the door open.


2008-05-02 19:25:14


I haven't seen that much snow since December '06.

X-Naut responds:

You should have been with me when I was driving down the street.

Fun was had.


2008-05-02 19:33:22

Better than trying to dodge static discharge. WHICH IS DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE.

X-Naut responds:

You haven't tried hard enough.


2008-05-04 12:27:08

Got a job?

X-Naut responds:

Cashier. Yep, I take money and give money. And I have to do this while standing in one area for long periods of time.



2008-05-05 17:35:47

And i assume the wages are quite shit and nearly all of your paycheck goes to gas amirite?

X-Naut responds:

It's just a temp job, gas isn't much of a problem, since I can walk to work.

I'm a high roller.


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