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Well done.

Good choice in music. Nice to see the different character cameos as well. The nice colors went well with the variant gradients, which helped make the scenery feel much more realistic.

Indeed one of the better flashes I've seen around.


Voice acting and art style are still topnotch as usual. The conversation with the player and Snake was the one that got me. Despite the delay, it was worth the wait.

Yep, very nice.

Pretty good.

Maybe not as fast-paced as some of the others in this series, but it's still great. You also don't seem to worried about running out of nouns to put after the Madness name. Just wanted to point that out.

But yeah, this wasn't bad.

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Well done.

It may be a Smash Bros. ripoff, but it is a very good one. Who wouldn't want to play a game as popular Newgrounds characters?

But this is a very good game. Crazy combos to pull off, good array of moves to use, different characters with their own pros and cons, and good backgrounds. All the little things were done well, too. Like the menu system and the characters having their own story.

No bugs as far as I've played, and the controls work well. You guys have really outdone yourselves, making this crazy idea for a game eventually coming to life. So yeah, good job, guys.

Very nice.

A good twist on the classic shooter genre. I'll admit that I never saw the whole "The screen moves while you play" thing coming. Very creative, and very trippy all at the same time. A great job on this.

And the humor got some extra points, for the "YOUR SHIP ASPLODE" thing.

Best in the series.

Very nice. The music is catchy, the concept is original, and the dodging is very high. As if dodging things that go up and down were hard enough, you also have to those AND the ones that come from the side.

All in all, very great and very challenging.

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One of the couple instances where I enjoy the original beat and the remixes as well. Well done.


So poppy and upbeat. I love it.

Waterflame responds:

thank you :D

Very good.

A reminiscent of the old NG theme. The music is catchy, the drum beats are badass, and has that "something's about to go down" feeling. Very good.

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She is quite the super hottie

And this is super fantastic.

What if I've imagined all this? What if I've finally turned into what they've always said I would turn into? A maniac. A psycho killer.

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