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2008-05-17 15:26:53 by X-Naut

Metalocalypse and Frisky Dingo are cool shows.

If you have yet to see either one, go watch them or jump into a fire.

Your choice.


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2008-05-17 15:27:59

theyre kool...especially Metalocalypse

X-Naut responds:

Hence why it's named first.


2008-05-17 16:05:46

To read or not to read [your post] that is thy question....

X-Naut responds:

Rhetorical questions are pretty passe nowadays.


2008-05-17 16:06:11

I decided to read your post... Metalocalypse is cool!

X-Naut responds:

Wise choice.


2008-05-17 17:27:44

*Burns To a Crisp*

X-Naut responds:

Yeah, I appreciate the stains you've left on my floor, you dirtbag.


2008-05-18 15:26:35

I love the plot twists in Frisky Dingo, especially the season finally.

X-Naut responds:


Also, that's a pretty bad spelling error there.


2008-05-18 16:44:33

Got both on DVD, and I watch them often.

Nary a flaw in either show.

X-Naut responds:

The darkest gift of all...



2008-05-22 19:57:45

FUCK YES, I love Frisky Dingo. Metalocalypse is amazing, but I like FD even more.

X-Naut responds:

Both are insane in their own ways, so yeah, some will like one over the other.


2008-05-22 22:50:29

I prefer Frisky Dingo, it's an amazing show.

X-Naut responds:

This is a non-disagreeing reply.


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