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So guys

2008-12-14 21:42:54 by X-Naut

This place is pretty much dead space right now. What are doing here anyway, get out lol.

Living on a lighted stage

2008-10-15 02:38:10 by X-Naut

It approaches the unreal.

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Rush is cool.


2008-09-22 12:33:41 by X-Naut

What the hell, Harmonix? An endless setlist and you decide to throw this song right near the end? I can't even get the rhythm of this song, due to the fact that it's nonexistant.

NAG NAG NAG, song sucks.


2008-07-27 04:23:06 by X-Naut


This is pretty bizarre.

A boring news post

2008-07-15 16:13:31 by X-Naut

Go post something here, I dunno.

So I looked through my old posts

2008-07-04 04:21:03 by X-Naut

And by old, I pretty much mean pre-2007.

And good god, they're pretty terrible. I feel ashamed of myself for being so moronic with my pitiful attempts at humor. At least some of the stuff I post is still somewhat humorous, right?



So yeah

2008-06-13 00:45:22 by X-Naut

Not here right now, busy messing around with the PS3 and stuff.

Word of advice

2008-05-30 17:19:57 by X-Naut

If you ever want to find a job, don't go into retail. Like, ever.

Most boring stuff ever.

You want news?

2008-05-17 15:26:53 by X-Naut

Metalocalypse and Frisky Dingo are cool shows.

If you have yet to see either one, go watch them or jump into a fire.

Your choice.

Wondrous Spring weather

2008-05-02 15:44:34 by X-Naut

Spring has just given three feet of snow. Getting the door open alone became a tedious task.

Oh, and a picture for you fools.

Also, for those wondering, you see that lump of snow on the right? My car.

Wondrous Spring weather